Monday, August 25, 2008

new beginnings

it's been a while since i've posted, and bryan, if you are still reading, this blog's for you!

it's been a whirlwind since i've graduated, the summer has been ridiculously hot and unforgiving and i've been teetering on the edge of basketcase-ness. but here are a few things that have been in my orbit

my new dog francis

he's a pretty cute dog, but has been blessed, or cursed with boundless energy. we are still in the "getting to know you stage," or in doggie terms, "sniffing ass stage," but i am confident that we will both emerge victorious. we've been going to puppy kindergarten, learning our commands, and trying to go to consecutive days without any accidents.

michael phelps

i along with the millions of other americans fell in love with him over the summer. i realize my penchant to get situational crushes, so i imagine this love affair will end quickly now that olympics have officially ended. but if he ever wants to starts a non profit organization dealing with inner city kids and their eating habits, he should call me.


i'm going to new york in a couple of weeks to see daniel radcliffe's elder wand on stage. since warner brothers is withholding hp6 until july, a brooding harry potter wil have to do.

finally, the cho show

the show is amazing, smart and will make you pee yourself a little.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

STFU Florida and Michigan

Your selfish and completely unnecessary decision to move up your primaries to be one of the "cool" states blew up in your face. You are responsible for invalidating the combined 5 million or so votes in your respective states.

Monday, December 3, 2007

hey condi! listen up...

amazing piece by the nyt editorial board about the departure of michael guest, former ambassador to romania.

you can read it here .

c'mon condi, take one for the team...

Monday, October 22, 2007

what a great movie. watch this movie.

i just came back from a showing of for the bible tells me so . it's amazing. you hear all the religious babble from both sides, the verses, the retorts, but the movie presented the facts in such a way that wasn't pretentious or entitled. i wasn't in a sermon, but it was honest and heartfelt. i felt it began to repair the rift that comes with being religious and gay. if for anything, watch it for the first 5 minutes of the film. seriously.

in the movie, there is an image of a man holding a sign that says god hate fags outside a church when new hampshire consecrated the first gay bishop in 93. i had such a strong reaction to this. it just makes me so incredibly angry, which is a shame because the message i got from the film was love, love, love. great message, but i can't embrace the message, especially toward ignorant people who do ignorant things. i can't move past it, embody jesus to teach or be patient with them. i simply cannot and will not.

i think one the best lines in the film was one a reverend said (something to effect of) maybe there was a reason why only a select group of people should be able read the bible because the general public will make a mess of it and misinterpret it. that line really resonates with me. i realize and appreciate that an endorsement of this statement is classist, and privileged and everything else that i'm generally against, but i right now, i'm stuck and can't move beyond that, but i applaud those who can and do and make movies about it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Screw You ABC!

I recently read an article about ABC's insensitivity to Filipinos in a season premiere episode of Desperate Housewives. How anyone signed off on that episode is beyond me. I can't believe how anyone involved with that episode thought that was a good idea. Listen, I know all about dog lapping and outwardly conveying your support for things in your head you know is stupid, especially to people above you and have direct influence over your job, but to agree to write, produce and star in something so inflammatory and degrading and dismissive. that's just fucked up. i would like to think that i would cease kissing ass if i new my actions would directly and adversely a large group of people and say something, anything to change the course of the product.

my mom is a filipino doctor and i have witnessed first hand how hostile and insensitive the medical community in the US can be toward foreign doctors. we don't need a television show (and a crappy television at that) to affirm bogus ideas of the quality of healthcare from a provider who studied overseas. there is a huge filipino population in the healthcare industry, not only including doctors, but extending to nurses, technicians and other workers in the hospital themselves.

you know what, fuck you abc and your claim to be diverse and sensitive to cultural differences. while i applaud your apology, although brief, i feel you need to put your money where your apology is and

a). create scholarships for filipino americans so they can get college degress(preferably in mass media so that can snatch your job from under your fat white ass)

b). invest in some hard core diversity training for your writers, producers and actors

c). invest in some job training so writers can produce something truly creative and not rely on cheap, shitty, racist statements to get a cheap, shitty, racist laugh.

what totally sucks is i know the reach of media, and while a majority of people can distinguish between fiction and reality, there are still people out there, who cannot, and who do rely on these media clues to form an opinion.

grr. so sign please sign the petition

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

what do you get when you google yourself?

inspired by the following article , i googled myself to see what potential employers and/or dates see as impressions of me:

1. 2001 Daily Texas article over student government . In my defense, it was 2001 and I was a bratty, entitled undergraduate.

2. LBJ Journal Editorial Staff . A little more promising and not as bratty or entitled.

3. Friendster Profile (thankfully set to private)

4. 2001 Daily Texan article of Pride Week . Great picture of me with a shaved head. Awesome.

5. 2002 Daily Texan article over an awards banquet .

Weird. The Internet is scary sometimes.